Dissent is our due diligence [Sean]

April 11, 2011

So this in an old story, Old Hat, Broken Record…

Why the fuck, if the American people opposed the Bailout of 2008 at a ratio of 100 to 1, did we allow the FED to monetize our system of governance? Collusion is like the lube in the butt sauce.

I’ve been musing over this for the past few weeks. I feel like I dropped the ball, being a the selfish materialistic idiot prick the government wants us all to be -but mine eyes hath seen the glory- only concerned with what was trending, what technology was “in”, what clothes to wear to look the part. I was wrapped up in great projects that help people, all the while mind you, but wasn’t thinking holistically.

The American people, when rallied together in support of something greater than themselves can achieve unbelievable & imposable feats of civic prowess. A powerful example of this was, in the face of a cold calculated con-job supplied by a government [advised by former Goldman Sachs cronies], when America satelized around the idea that a Paulson-backed Bailout was bad for business. The business of humanity. The business of our way of life that we’ve believed is our greatest strength in the security of our freedoms, which were so blatantly disregarded by a machine riddled with holes and red tape so easily navigated by the slithery corporate royalty in this democra… plutocracy.

We’ve seen blatant fraudulent dealings become standard operating procedure. Foreclosure documents inked up “Linda Green” style by entry level hacks, record bonuses every year for the corporate elite, tax breaks, or worse taxless years for corporate giants like B of A and GE?!

There is a level of responsibility and accountability, which has become the herald of our times & individuals must make an accord with the ego in order to help all of humanity. Engines may break as machines fail but man is made of greater stuff.

If we have to paint our faces, don kilts, jump on horses and Paul Revere our asses down neighborhood streets to bait you to take up arms Mel Gibson style, then so be it. America we are coming for you. It’s time for a proper wakeup call.

This may be easier. Perhaps you can call your mortgage company and request to see your promissory note. Or you can protest in front of banks when rallies are called. Dissent is our due diligence. We owe it to humanity.