Charting the Recovery: Food Stamp Usage by Nation Size

April 14, 2011

 When U.S. Bailout Nation was born on October 3, 2008 with the foolhardy passage of TARP, there were 30,841,790 Americans on food stamps. That’s slightly more than the entire population of Peru (29,461,933). Less than a year later, there were more Americans on food stamps than there were Canadians in Canada (34.4 million). Below is a table charting the quarter-by-quarter economic “recovery” that lunatic journalists and TV personalities yammer on about ad nauseum. We hope this gives them a somewhat different perspective on what is really going on in the United States right now. Date                Food Stamp Users     Nation Equivalent (population) 10-08             30,841,790                Peru (29,461,933) 01-09             31,983,716                Uganda (31,800,000) 04-09             33,524,074                Morocco (32,114,000) 07-09             35,602,939                Canada (34,415,000) 10-09             37,672,818                Poland (38,092,000) 01-10             39,430,990                Kenya (38,610,097) 04-10             40,430,508                Argentina (40,091,359) 07-10             41,836,240                Argentina (40,091,359) 10-10             43,200,837                Tanzania (43,187,823) 01-11             44,187,831                Sudan (43,192,000) Bailout Nation will soon overtake the Ukraine (45,778,500), Colombia (45,930,000), and Spain (46,152,925) in food stamp usage. As commodity prices continue soaring, courtesy of the backdoor bailout known as “quantitative easing” (money printing), a greater percentage of everyone’s paycheck will succumb to hunger pains. This, in turn, will force even more Americans on to food stamps. With JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon receiving 15 cents for every American added to the food stamps program, and with Bernanke—whose list of correct predictions stubbornly remains zero—positively smug in his ability to stop inflation “in 15 minutes,” we are confident that even South Korea (48,988,833) is doable.