Bailout premieres in New York and Chicago!

May 2, 2012

On May 10th, the Dukes of Moral Hazard head to NYC to hold an exclusive screening of Bailout!

"We’ve come full circle in many ways," says director Sean Fahey. "We were in Liberty Square on Day 15 of the Occupy Movement, learning, filming, grabbing loads of inspiration. Being back here as the energy amps up this Spring is terrific.”

While in New York, Bailout’s filmmakers will appear on the Dylan Ratigan Show, Max Keiser Report, and Lee Camp’s Moment of Clarity (date and time to come very soon).

“We’re also trying to scare up an impromptu Occupy screening while we’re here,” Fahey says.

The Dukes will then travel back to Chicago for a May 16th red carpet premiere!

"We all met in Chicago,” says John Titus, the film’s executive producer who also appears in the film. “This is where it all started.”

Bailout is the tale of a lawyer who stops paying his mortgage and enlists four friends to join him on a Winnebago trip to Las Vegas. The quintet of unemployed Chicagoans plans tear a page out of Wall Street’s playbook and piss away the bank's money gambling and partying. Along the way they see how Americans have been devastated by crimes on Wall Street.

“The last year has been one huge lightning bolt, from traveling cross country with a crew of 30 filming the financial wreckage to editing in LA all the way here. We are so close to finishing! I’ve lost count of the sleepless nights I’ve put in adding layer after layer to this film,” says Fahey.

Indeed. The film features live explosions, game show segments, and countless animations—all on top of in-depth expert interviews explaining the criminal financial frauds that are destroying Main Street.

As you know, independent cinema relies on support from friends to help get the word out... it's the DIY spirit of community and collaboration that really makes indies exciting!

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Any pledges of $20 or more get you a ticket to the Bailout red carpet premiere in Chicago.